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Blewbury Digital specialises in video of all shapes & sizes with three different products:

1. Lite: posts for social

2. Lift: product or strategy videos

3. Live: full length webinars or town hall events

We bring more than two decades’ experience in journalism, media and publishing, honed in the digital transformation of news and video, to help your business tell its stories.

Never before has it been more important to express complicated concepts in a simple way to a wide range of audiences.  Much of the change we’ve seen in the last year has been fuelled by technology, but there is no change without people, and people need narratives to connect them to change and guide them through it.

Whether it’s keeping your customers connected with your brand as it evolves, keeping your team on board with your growth, communicating a new 5-year strategy to a globally distributed workforce, or an Information Memorandum for investors, the story & how you tell it is critical.

What we do

We channel over two decades’ leadership experience in blue chip media companies into crafting and delivering the stories your business needs to tell

Social Videos

Low cost videos in your brand and colours, for promotions, product highlights and all sorts of other posts


Web Videos

Expert producing, script-writing & editing of videos for your website, Youtube, or as inserts in webinars and presentations.  With graphic intersitials and lower thirds in your brand look

Webinars & Live Streams

Add TV-production polish to your webinars with bespoke graphics, opening & closing titles, presenter boxes, lower thirds and rich polling elements



Podcasts, spoken word and DJ mixes on our own online radio platform IsolationFM

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From bespoke graphics & editing, to live streaming and full remote event production, Blewbury Digital can accelerate your business with the power of video story telling


More than two decades’ experience leading digital transformations in blue chip media corporates, including Sky News, ITV, NBC News & Future

Julian March

Julian March


After 23-years at the forefront of digital transformation within the media sector at blue chips like Sky, ITV & NBC, Julian is now a consulting Partner with Positive Momentum.  He’s taking his experience in news & media to help other businesses with their digital acceleration.

He’s also co-founder of Rome-based influencer marketing agency La Piazza Group, Non-Exec Director of marketing tech start-up Cloudworkz, and a mentor for young people with Generation Success.

Julian studied Russian & German at Oxford, has lived and worked in the USA and Russia, and also speaks Italian & French.

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