Blewbury Digital offers three products for marketing your business with video

01 Lite

Video for social media

Every business deserves video. So now you can supercharge your social media marketing with video & animating graphic posts made especially for your business.  For example, promotions, featured products, or simply rocket fuel for your feed.  What’s more, all our videos come with your logo & look, and at a no-brainer price point.

Check out the Lite page to find out more about our bundles of social media videos, and look at some examples for a range of businesses.


Supercharge your social media marketing with video from Blewbury Digital Lite
Edited video with Blewbury Digital Lift

02 Lift

Next level web video production by remote

Elevate your offering with Blewbury Digital Lift.  Videos from Lift combine branded bespoke graphics & titles with recorded footage.  Lift gives you videos for your business’s website or Youtube channel.  Or they can be VT inserts into your webinars or live events.  So for all those reasons videos from Blewbury Digital Lift are ideal for product demos, topics or tutorials.

To find out more about our web video production, have a look at the Lift page.

There you’ll see some examples of videos we’ve made for business websites and insert videos for webinars.

03 Live

Full live webinar or stream production

The power of live can be yours with your own streamed events and showcases. With a background in live breaking news production, Blewbury Digital can help you broadcast your brand to your customers or leads with TV polish & energy, blowing bog-standard video conferences out of the water.

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