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Elevate your offering with Blewbury Digital Lift – the solution for affordable short-form video.

We edit together your video along with branded bespoke graphics & titles to make impactful videos for your website, Youtube channel, or to use as VT inserts into your webinars or live events.  Ideal for product demos, topics or tutorials.

Prices start at £500 per video.  Fill out the simple form below for a quote.


Web video production with Blewbury Digital Lift

An example of an insert video made with Lift by Blewbury Digital

Here’s an example of an insert video created for a webinar.  We commissioned Darren to film his own video with his mobile.  We added a graphic bumper, lower thirds and a bug, all in the client’s colours and with their logo.

Lift web video production - how it works

It all starts with a conversation! Tell us what you’d like to achieve, and what assets you’ve got.  With 23 years’ experience producing breaking TV news and running national news sites, we’re expert at fast-turnaround affordable web video production.

We’re here to help small businesses, so we like to keep costs low, while keeping production values high.  That means we can coach you to film your own footage to send to us, use existing video you already have, or we can send someone to film for you (but that does cost extra!)

We can add titles, graphics and lower thirds (for naming speakers, for example), using your business’s logo and brand colour palette.

Level up your web video production

It’s simple and easy to do:

  • We find out about your business and what you want your video for
  • If you have footage already, we can use that
  • If not, we can either coach you to film yourself, or send someone to film for you
  • You share your logo and your colour palette
  • We edit your video, along with any on-screen graphics (titles, bugs, lower thirds) which may be required

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