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Every business deserves video. Supercharge your social media marketing with video & animating graphic posts made especially for your business.  Promotions, featured products, or simply rocket fuel for your feed.  All with your logo & look, and at a no-brainer price point.

All the videos on this page are social media videos made with Lite by Blewbury Digital.  You see more on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

 With the right template, the right pictures, and some tight copy we can supercharge the social media feeds of any business with Lite.

If you’re looking for web video production then check out Lift; if it’s live webinars and streams you’re after, then have a look at Live


Supercharge your social media marketing with video from Blewbury Digital Lite

Social media video by Lite from Blewbury Digital: How it works

We use your business’s logo and brand colour palette and add copy and stills to create short social videos for your feed.   We have more than a thousand highly configurable templates, so every video feels bespoke, without the bespoke price tag.

Great for promotions, product highlights, and daily good vibes on your feed.

You give us your logo, and colour palette, and still pictures if you have them (we can provide if not), and we’ll create a collection of videos to suit your aims.

Power up your feeds with social media video by Lite

It’s simple and easy to do:

  • We find out about your business and what you’re looking achieve – brand awareness, specific promotions, or editorial content
  • You tell us how many videos you’d like us to create
  • You share your logo, your colour palette, and any other relevant stills
  • We make your videos for you to post, we can suggest copy too

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